In our blog FAQs About A Home Inspection, we discussed why an inspection is essential. Going through the motions of buying or selling a home is stressful. At any step of the process, something could go wrong, delaying the outcome. A home inspection is essential to help accurately price out the house, primarily if it’s being sold “as is.” When choosing a home inspector, it is important to trust the individual and their experience. At HomeRun Certified Home Inspections, we can guarantee that we have the qualifications and expertise to give you the best home inspection possible. Here are a few phrases a professional home inspector would never say.

• “I’m new at this” – Yes, everyone starts from the bottom and works their way up. A professional company like HomeRun Certified Inspections makes sure each team member is experienced and qualified to give you the most accurate inspection out there.

• “I can’t do that” – Buying and selling homes happen every day of the week. A professional home inspector understands that and won’t tell you that their company doesn’t work weekends or any other specific day. On our home page, we have a section to request an inspection that includes your first and second choice for dates and times. While this is not a guaranteed appointment, one of our representatives will reach out to you to confirm the best date and time.

Home Inspection Report

• “I don’t do that” – There are a few tasks that home inspectors don’t do at all, such as asbestos and lead paint testing. Instead of it being a guessing game for the client requesting the inspection, a professional inspector will have everything they offer clearly stated. For example, we have everything our inspectors can look for on our Services page. We’re able to perform whole-house inspections, air/mold testing, sewer scoping, radon testing, and more. Some of these features may be additional costs, but everything is explained when you request an estimate from us.

Beautiful luxury home

• “Your house is perfect” – No house is 100% perfect, not even a home inspector’s house. It’s not about if the paint job is trendy or if there’s enough closet space. The point of an inspection is to document any issues the home might have and whether they need to be resolved immediately by the current owner or if the buyer is willing to make the changes.

If you want an accurate and honest inspection, request an appointment with HomeRun Certified Inspections today!