With the collapse of the Surfside condo in Florida a few months back, mayors and building owners across the country have been scrambling to inspect their buildings. Don’t be left out and risk your residents, employees, and staff by skipping an inspection. Most buildings older than 30 years should be frequently inspected to guarantee foundational integrity.

Commercial building inspections are arguably more important than single-family home inspections, especially in high-rise building situations. In a commercial situation, a flaw in structure can result in dangerous outcomes such as harm, loss of life, and lawsuits. If you’re a tenant for a major residential building a commercial inspection will cover a structural, HVAC, roofing, and more to make sure your residents are safe.

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That being said, businesses that aren’t in high-rise buildings should also have frequent inspections. With the recent heat waves that struck the nation this summer, many employees of sit-down and fast-food restaurants alike had been having a difficult time staying healthy and coherent due to heat illness and HVAC systems that couldn’t keep up. Make sure that your establishment has no structural leaks for air to escape or hot air to enter with a thorough roof and HVAC inspection.

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