While bugs are part of nature, that doesn’t mean you have to deal with them in your home. It is annoying to have them buzzing around, and it’s unsanitary. Plus, they have the potential to cause a lot of damage to your home. One of the biggest factors is the change in weather. As it gets colder the bugs make their way inside where it’s warm. Then, they lay eggs, and then when the weather gets warmer they hatch. Because of how small and resourceful bugs are, they can find even the smallest areas to make their way through. In this blog, we wanted to highlight five ways you can prevent bugs from into the house.

  • Seal Doors & Windows: This is the first line of defense. Look around your doors and windows for any gaps you might see. It could be because of old weatherstripping, caulk, uneven wood, and more. Fixing these closes off one of the easiest entrances for insects, but it also helps regulate the temperature in the house.
How To Bug-Proof Your Home 1
  • Make Yard Maintenance A Priority: You can use your yard to determine if insects are going to be an issue. Your yard has its very own ecosystem helping the wildlife thrive. Unfortunately, some insects can travel too far out of the grass and to your house. To avoid insects, like mosquitoes, taking over you have to get rid of any standing, pooled water that is the perfect spot for eggs and larvae.
  • Food & Trash Storage: Insects are attracted to any food source whether it’s what you’re currently using in the house or your trash. It can be a wonderful buffet for them if it’s left open somehow. The best way to avoid an invasion is to have everything sealed away in airtight containers or something with a strong lid.
  • Remove Excess Moisture: Moisture is a huge way to attract insects to your home. Remove any potential hiding spots that are near your home. This includes wood piles, compost, lawn clippings, and more.
  • Work With The Wildlife: Birds, bats, spiders, and other predators enjoy nibbling on insects. While you don’t want these helpers in your home, they are the perfect natural insect repellent outside preventing bugs from getting near your house. There are several ways you can invite them around your home like setting up a birdfeeder, some nectar, bushes, a garden, and much more.